A gadget free trip to God’s Own country

Work-life balance sounds like a corporate junk with the onset of technology. The smart phone keeps buzzing constantly with the notification chimes and well meaning friends poke and ping for a chat, the I Pad sits in a corner waiting to pop up the next viral video and the consistent check of emails comes as natural as a breath in what seems like a normal day.

Weekends are no different with the eyes glued to the idiot box, which tosses out one soap opera after the other. The eye contact has sadly become a thing of the past. What was discovered by us humans to stay connected and bridge the gaps has now led to further distance us from our near and dear ones.

This thought was bothering me for some time now and an extended weekend and a planned vacation presented me with the perfect opportunity to step away from the gadgets and the gizmos.

I travelled with my family to God’s own country Kerala and more precisely, Munnar .While the journey was spent mostly sleeping, the minute I landed in Kerala , I was in awe of the fertile land and tea farms. We reached after sunset and happily hit the snooze button. The following dawn I was awakened to the most breathtaking sunrise I had ever seen.

Without further ado, I readied myself for more excitement. As I was confident that my camera and ever ready to pose family members were all that I required, I quickly switched off all my gizmos. I did not see the need to carry the smart phone, the I Pad or the Ipod with me.

The serene beauty of Munnar was a treat to my eyes and my soul. It sang the most melodious songs that no Ipod could ever construe.

I leave you with some of the pictures I clicked in Munnar, as they are enough to convince you to unplug from the rest of the world and feel heavenly.

This is the sunrise from the balcony of the resort I was staying

Sunrise, look at the hues

Tea plantations, tempts me for a perfect cuppa of my favourite chai 🙂

Random shot

The road that leads to heaven
So,when do you plan to visit this fairyland?

Note : This post is written for the Project 365 program at We Post Daily aimed at posting at least once a day, based on the prompts provided. The Open-prompt for today was: I am sure we have all had days when we’ve just had enough of our smartphones, our televisions, our iPods, our Blackberrys, our laptops, our iPads, and all the other gadgets and gizmos that we use to continuously be online and connected with the rest of the world.
Well, what are those moments that trigger this urge to ‘unplug’, what forces your hand to just go ‘offline’ for a while and relax in the solitude of being ‘disconnected’?
How do you ‘unplug’ yourself?


6 thoughts on “A gadget free trip to God’s Own country

  1. “eye contact has sadly become a thing of the past.” – says it all. Very well created post. The pictures made my day. Just beautiful!


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