Career Advice- Team Motivation


‘Congratulations on that promotion to the Head Executive post’ complimented Pooja. Raj was taken by surprise, as Pooja was not the kind to initiate a conversation. ‘Thank you for the wishes, it was long impending ‘ he said, with an air of confidence.

Raj had been elected by his team de-facto for this promotion. Team members felt Raj had the capability and was already in the right direction. As a junior to mid level executive he had already shown exceptional qualities to be bestowed with the ‘Exceptional Team Lead’ Award.

So, what are these qualities that differentiate Raj from other team members? Lets have a look:

  1. Lead by example: Work as an army and take charge of the activities on hand, while achieving rapport with the members and allowing them freedom of speech. In other words, practice what you preach. Mahatma Gandhi preached non-violence to his supporters while never retaliating with violence to the British. This quality made him an outstanding leader.
  2. Feedback: Performance appraisal is the most dreaded two-letter word for any employee. Provide both positive and negative feedback to team members at regular intervals and make sure that the member improves by planning the strategy with them in case of negative feedback.
  3. Appreciate: Motivate your team by appreciating their efforts and highlight the same to the clients/stakeholders.
  4. Reward: Your team has been supporting you and working late hours to deliver the project on schedule. Reward them by providing a token of appreciation or a team outing. Remember to appreciate the average/below average performers to instill in them a sense of belonging. 
  5. Set realistic goals: Recognize the strength and weakness of each team member and assign them responsibilities accordingly. Set realistic goals in terms of capability, time schedule and work on hand.
  6. Open forum discussions: Forums provide an informal environment for discussion with team members where team can put forward their apprehensions and the same can be resolved in the symposium.
  7. Career progression: Keep track of individual aspirations and career objectives of team members and motivate them by providing tangible rewards like bonus, incentives and salary hike.

So, are you following the above 7 commandments to succeed as a leader? Are you motivating your team effectively? If not, start acting on them today to achieve best results from your team and ensure their well-being.


Empty Nest

I have neighbors in their 70’s whose only son has migrated leaving a void, this poem is dedicated to them:


A little canary with a golden heart

Was born in some part of the world

Raised by Ma and Pa canary with love

They taught him how to fly, how to dive

In this vast world they taught him how to thrive

Then one day he flew away

Never to return back

Ma and Pa canary knew not what to do

They had tears in their eye

Sought him before they die

His heart pound each time he remembered them

Knew he not what to choose

His dreams or his emotions

He left his motherland and his mother

He left a part of his heart with them

A dreaded day he received the awful news

His Ma and Pa left for heavenly abode

His heart bled, he returned only to find nothingness

His Golden heart had turned cold

It was his turn now he saw his son leave

And realized he was old……

Bazaar of Arranged Marriages

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********* A Fictitious letter from a Son to his parents *********

Dear Mom and Dad,

I write to you today to thank you for all the blessings I have received. I pen my words to thank you for the education you gave me, the trouble you took to see me hale and hearty. I remember Dad getting me expensive toys when I demanded them and Mom pressuring Dad to fulfil my desires.

Mom and Dad, you supported me when I went for my first interview, got my first job, and gave you my first paycheck. I thank you Mom and Dad for all the wonderful things you did for me.

Mom, when the time came for me to get married, you decided that I would marry the person of your choice. Dad, you made sure that the family from who proposals arrived matched our stature.

You asked the girl if she can cook, you asked her if she could sing. Mom and Dad, you made sure that she matched me in my looks and height. You did not stop at that, you then asked her about her income; how would she distribute it after getting married? You asked her parents about the ‘D’ word. You demanded them a four-wheeler for me to facilitate my commute to office and to take their daughter to movies and outings occasionally. You asked them how much cash they are going to give their daughter, and  the weight of gold she is going to get to her marital home. You demanded respect from them even though you never deemed them worthy of any respect.

Mom, Dad, you argued that you are doing this to ensure a bright future for your son. You gave me the best in everything and helped me earn a position of respect in the society. I earn a reasonable salary, thanks to you, to buy myself a car and take care of my family. You enabled me to stand on my own feet and today I am successful enough to give all the comforts you have given me, to my wife and future children. I do not need my in-laws to support me for that.

Further, Mom and Dad, I do not wish to marry a singer or a cook, all I need is a soul mate who will be with me through thick and thin, someone who will love me with all my faults and will not desert me when I am not fit enough to stand on my own. I wish to marry someone who is as human as I am. I do not wish her to have exceptional talents but rather prefer that she is a little humble, a little crazy and a lot more genuine.

Mom and Dad, please stop advertising me in the Bazaar of Arranged Marriages as the latest commodity and cause me discomfort when I look myself in the mirror every morning.

I love you Mom and Dad, but I would love and respect you more if you trust me to find the right person for myself, irrespective of her talents, status and looks.


Indian Son raised as a commodity for Arranged Marriages

God is a Gamer


God is a Gamer is world’s first bit coin thriller written by Ravi Subramanian. The author uses the technology of virtual currency to create the mystery. It is the talk of the hour and worry for Aditya and Swami among others for the impact it is going to have on their organizations.

The chapters are short and the story unfolds gradually in the second half. The book makes for an interesting read, the plot revolves around centre characters which are in someway related to the previous novel If God was a Banker by the same author.

The plot takes shape in multiple locations like Mumbai, Delhi, Goa and Washington D.C and the characters possess an air of elegance. The locations range from the finance ministry in Washington D.C to the beaches in Goa. However the landscapes are described well and provide a refreshing touch.

The romance makes for an interesting twist to the otherwise monotonous nature of the corporate culture. It is used as a way to step up in the corporate ladder too as hinted in some places.

It is appalling to see the life of prime character like Malvika coming to an end so soon. It is only in the last parts of the novel that the suspense of her death is explained. It is also abysmal to see character flaws in what seem to be otherwise normal human beings. It is an amalgamation of technology and mystery, bankers and politicians and off course the iniquity.

Boardroom politics in addition with mystery enthral the audience and make for an interesting read. New characters are introduced smoothly. However, the term bit coin is rapidly lost in the increasing plot.

The author describes plot scene wise and location wise while maintaining the crucial balance between the two. Crime is fused with politics and served on the platter.

The virtual currency attracts readers with a technical mindset but the read seems to be lost in the plot.

The short chapters make for a quick read while travelling to and fro from work or otherwise and does not seem like uprooting the reader from the plot.

It is story of the victory of good over evil and intermingles the concept with the idea of personal growth, interests and professional suicide, the idea of victim being the culprit and culprit hiding behind the veil.

The interesting thriller has reserved the shades of grey for the center character and the suspense is revealed progressively. The suspect behind the bars is revealed to be otherwise.

Previous reads from the author have been interesting ones and one expects similar experience from the latest thriller. If you are interested in thrillers, grab a copy of this book but do not expect much involvement on the bit coin or the virtual currency aspect of the plot. It definitely is discussed in a way so as to create the initial prerequisite but later fades into the other facet.

Overall a good one time read for the suspense, the romance and the thrill and for some bit coins too.

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I lived as a child

I learnt a lesson in school

I thought I know it all

Then I saw the real world

I saw the pain, the tears

The reasons for the angst I knew not

I ought to feel naïve

I saw some losses of the life

And tears roll, I saw some panic, some steer

I saw the angel and the devil

Lessons I learnt in school never taught me all this

I unlearnt all and learnt again

If only I had learnt the reality

But then again I am thankful to my teachers

They never let me face the truth as a child

I knew not hunger

I knew no mortal being

I knew no pain

I knew no angst

I lived in bliss, I lived as a child

Finite Creatures

Happy Birthday Blog Baby!!!


I am a proud mommy today!! Don’t get me wrong…my Blog baby turned a month old…precisely this post should have come 2 days earlier, but work commitments stopped me from writing.

I do feel like a proud mom every time I look at my blog baby. I am experiencing sleepless nights what with the hunger pangs of my blog baby as it needs to be fed with interesting posts and checked recurrently, in case the diaper (read look and feel) needs to be changed. The stats bring me joy a parent would achieve when their baby takes the first step or blabbers the first meaningful word. Every time I see something interesting occur in the world around me, I run inside my house to catch hold of the camera to record it and proudly show to all my blog readers.

No postpartum depression here as I have no time for that. The blog baby takes up all my time spent online that I otherwise exhausted checking my friends activities on face book. Oh !! I so miss the old days ….:D . But bygones be bygones. I wish my Blog baby a bright future ahead and humbly request all its well wishers to shower their blessings upon the baby!!