Today I am on seventh heaven. I checked every 5 minutes last night to make sure the alarm was functioning well. I checked my new dress to make sure it fit me well and there was no last minute alteration required. I even rehearsed my thank you speech.

Rewind to a month ago, I fervently savored my favorite cup of green tea with my most loved authors book in my hand when the phone started ringing incessantly. I rushed to pick up the phone to find a lady with a very soothing voice speaking on the other end. With the initial greetings through, she mentioned her agenda for the call and surprised me pleasantly. She broke the news that the Jury had nominated me for the best fictional writer award and provided me further details of the event for the same.

Fast-forward, today is the day I was longing for, it is every writer’s secret desire to receive this award and finally it was being bestowed on me, YAY!!! Dressed in my best attire and checking myself in the mirror, I rehearsed my speech in my mind. Suddenly the earth started trembling and every little item around me began to shudder. I struggled to sustain my balance but the tremble was too much for me to bear.

Wake up!! Wake up!! You are late!! It was my roommate trying to wake me. I was muttering the speech in my sleep and she was jolting me. So much for the earthquake!!

I quickly realized it was a dream and got up. I am running late I thought and so I quickly gathered myself and headed for the shower. I took a quick bath and dressed up in my attire and shook the doorknob of the shower only to find it land in my hand.I was locked in the shower. My first thoughts were to raise an alarm and ask for help but I quickly realized that my roommate had bid me good-bye while I was in the shower and had already left for work. Gosh!! What am I going to do now!! I tried to keep calm but it was futile, my hands were trembling, my mind was grasped with thoughts of the aftermath. My heart started beating faster and beads of sweat started to form on my forehead.

Just then, I heard someone at the door. Am I daydreaming I thought to myself, my roommate had already left for the day and thieves don’t come knocking the door. To my relief, it was my roommate. She had forgotten some important documents required for her client meeting and realized it on her way to work. She used her set of keys to unlock the door and upon realizing my fate, came to my rescue without further ado.

I instantly jumped out to hug her and thank her. I struggled to hold back my tears but they came rolling down. She consoled me and offered me a glass of water. I gulped it hastily and thanked her again.

I calmed down and headed towards the dressing room. I quickly ran my fingers through my hair and rolled them up into a messy bun, messy, but elegant and applied my mascara and gloss to keep it simple. Makeup check! Hair check! I walked towards the door with an air of confidence in my stride. For today is the day, I longed for, today is the day I will be receiving my Best Fictional Writer Jury Award!!!!