Career Advice- Team Motivation


‘Congratulations on that promotion to the Head Executive post’ complimented Pooja. Raj was taken by surprise, as Pooja was not the kind to initiate a conversation. ‘Thank you for the wishes, it was long impending ‘ he said, with an air of confidence.

Raj had been elected by his team de-facto for this promotion. Team members felt Raj had the capability and was already in the right direction. As a junior to mid level executive he had already shown exceptional qualities to be bestowed with the ‘Exceptional Team Lead’ Award.

So, what are these qualities that differentiate Raj from other team members? Lets have a look:

  1. Lead by example: Work as an army and take charge of the activities on hand, while achieving rapport with the members and allowing them freedom of speech. In other words, practice what you preach. Mahatma Gandhi preached non-violence to his supporters while never retaliating with violence to the British. This quality made him an outstanding leader.
  2. Feedback: Performance appraisal is the most dreaded two-letter word for any employee. Provide both positive and negative feedback to team members at regular intervals and make sure that the member improves by planning the strategy with them in case of negative feedback.
  3. Appreciate: Motivate your team by appreciating their efforts and highlight the same to the clients/stakeholders.
  4. Reward: Your team has been supporting you and working late hours to deliver the project on schedule. Reward them by providing a token of appreciation or a team outing. Remember to appreciate the average/below average performers to instill in them a sense of belonging. 
  5. Set realistic goals: Recognize the strength and weakness of each team member and assign them responsibilities accordingly. Set realistic goals in terms of capability, time schedule and work on hand.
  6. Open forum discussions: Forums provide an informal environment for discussion with team members where team can put forward their apprehensions and the same can be resolved in the symposium.
  7. Career progression: Keep track of individual aspirations and career objectives of team members and motivate them by providing tangible rewards like bonus, incentives and salary hike.

So, are you following the above 7 commandments to succeed as a leader? Are you motivating your team effectively? If not, start acting on them today to achieve best results from your team and ensure their well-being.