New Year Resolutions–Yay or Nay

The standard question that pops up in discussions nowadays is the new year resolutions. Well I am not a keen believer of making a list on January 1 every year so as to forget all about them by 15th of the month.I  am resolute  about my goals and ambitions all through the year and work tirelessly to achieve them. With the end of the year arriving soon, this year I plan to start with a different perspective. I have prepared a mental note of few achievable feats but I would hate to call them resolutions. Goals would be a more apt word for them.So, here’s a list of my goals for 2015:

1. Spend more time with family.

2. Live life your way, after all its the only one you got.

3. Travel the world, start with your surroundings

4. Enlist bungee jumping and scuba diving in your adventure sport list

5. Focus on the career

6. Add some spice to the boring life 🙂

7. Lose some weight, not that I am overweight, ok I am a little overweight , confess 🙂

8. Get a pet/ Spend more time with pets. I got a pet this year and it has added much happiness to my life. They are undemanding and trustworthy.

I will keep adding to this list as and when time permits, past year has been a very hectic one. There have been some setbacks concerning my mom’s health but she is improving now. God bless her with a long healthy life. But all in all, it has taught me a lot, I have grown as a person….nah not the age, duh. I have been this boring mature person always but last year has taught me that its ok to laugh your heart out once in a while. I realized I have a great sense of humor , and a lot of new interests have been developed, including blogging. I have come to meet like-minded friends online and it has helped me realize my potential as a writer.

Come what may, it is my goal to make the new year a better one. So what are your goals for the new year?As the days go by from morning to evening make each day a memorable one and let them be happy memories. To all my friends here celebrating tomorrow, wishing you a MERRY CHRISTMAS and to every one A HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!













Sweet little lies

I never lie…..I do not feel the need to and I have survived….confusing?

As a kid the thought was instilled in me that lying is bad and growing up I realized it was quite a pain.I remember one such incident where I was forbidden to watch a newly released movie because my exams were approaching.I went ahead and saw it and denied having done so….said I was at a friend’s, studying.That night I lost my sleep..the following dawn I gathered courage and told my parents the truth.Since then, I have never lied ….never felt the need to do so.
Sweet Little Lies

Happy Thanksgiving Folks!!

“Grateful for each hand we hold, gathered round this table. From far and near we travel home, blessed that we are able. Grateful for this sheltered place, with light in every window. Say welcome, welcome, share this feast. Come in away from sorrow.” Says this wonderful song by Mary Chapin Carpenter.

How true is that!! Here in India, we do not celebrate a dedicated Thanksgiving day , but then there is so much to thank for that every day of the year would be inadequate. I sometimes procrastinate, no wait, I procrastinate a lot. But on this occasion, I am thankful and I want to thank a couple of folks. So here goes the list:

1.Thank you to all my blog followers for encouraging me to write, I had never written before except the college journals or the exams….such a pain, I know.

2. Thank you to all the likes and comments, it helps me improve by understanding my readers perspective of my posts.

3. Thank you God for my wonderful folks back home who wait endlessly for my writing penchant to be reproduced on paper, or in this case, my blog and then appreciate it no matter how crap it is! 🙂

4. Thank you NaBloPoMo for providing me wonderful prompts this month where I try to write daily, well almost 🙂

5. Thank you God for my wonderful friends who believe in me and patiently listen to my rantings about my writer’s block, and everything else 🙂

6.Ah! WordPress for giving me this platform , sounds cheesy ….haha

7.Thank you for making it through till the end.

Before this turns into an Oscar award speech, let me end it here and take this opportunity to thank every single person who has impacted my life in a positive way and even those that did so in any negative way because that gives me the strength and determination to stay stronger.

Spinning the yarn

What makes a good storyteller, in your opinion? Are your favorite storytellers people you know or writers you admire

I love watching people…I am a people watcher. When I am short of inspiration, I need a pen and paper my iPad and head towards the nearest park, mall or street.

Standing in a corner and observing men, women and kids around me is highly intriguing. Their faces speak volumes to me. Two friends who meet each other after decades have a thousand naughty stories to tell. A newly wed couple walking hand in hand happily dreaming about their future together have a story too. A homeless lady in her late 70 ‘s with grey hair and a wrinkled face has a lifetime of experiences to share.
So next time you need a story head towards the nearest public place . They are the best story – tellers.

Spinning Yarns

Grateful and Guilty

Whether it’s a trashy TV show, extra-pulpy fiction, or nutrient-free candy, write a thank-you note to your guiltiest guilty pleasure

A weekend is the perfect opportunity for a guilt free trip down the culinary path. Specially if it consists of a lazy afternoon indulging in some of the best home-made food. As an Indian, I confess there is no dearth of choice of cuisines, with each state offering a unique taste to the dish.

I must also confess here that I am not a foodie but I simply cannot resist home made food prepared with love and the indulgence becomes mandatory.

I can gorge on a light nutritional Rasam( a soup prepared with a mix of lentils and tamarind juice) one day and Biryani( a rich Mughlai dish prepared with rice flavored with saffron and lamb/chicken prepared with rich spices and dry fruits) the next. I do not belong to the South of India but love Idlis. And I equally love Kebabs.And gulab jamuns too :)…..

I can go on and on about the Indian dishes I love to gorge, but I will limit myself here and leave you with the pictures of my most loved ones.( no recipes now, but promise to share them soon)




Feast your eyes!!

Grateful and Guilty

Good Tidings

Gorgeous little lady, you know me

Wiser , Calmer, Poised

You will always be

Your innocent eyes will shone bright

Your feet will have a new stride

Traveled far and wide in your heart

You will have empathy for the poor

Seven seas across you will have your strife

You will be stronger, overcome your fear

You will be happier, let others be

Stop trusting people who do not deserve

Your memories are yours to preserve

Gorgeous little lady, you are me

Good Tidings

Agony of an introvert

I could have written this post a long time ago but I kept on holding back, I don’t know why? I feel like a forlorn soul lost in the vast universe, hoping to make some difference.

Blessed with a set of parents who are ever willing to sacrifice everything they have for our (me and my siblings) education, we have been raised to have our individual voice and choice. I have always been a brilliant student and it was deemed my responsibility to achieve higher roles in society. But my parents provided me complete freedom to choose my career.

I remember my choice to opt for engineering and went on to become a technical professional, which seemed to me the most pragmatic choice at the moment. I love the friendly chatter with my colleagues and the innovative ideas. I love discussing the latest technology trends and newest smart phone applications. I like being the lively self when I am with my friends, but I can be highly introverted at times, almost like an island.

With time I have come to realize that I have a creative streak that tends to lend itself to paint a few strokes. I love the time when I paint; it is my retreat from all the stressors in my life. I also love to sing and believe I have a beautiful voice but I have no professional training at all. I have also come to realize that I love to be my own boss and lead with ethics.

Hence I have decided to take a sabbatical from my tech job. It is very recent that I started writing and hoping to make it big in the freelance world. But I feel sometimes the words are trapped in my head and refuse to come out on paper, I think it is because I am an introvert. My life has been filled with obstacles so far but looks like I am a hard nut to crack. I refuse to give up and get going.

Why is it that we introverts have such a hard time asking for help? We are not vampires hidden in a closet ready to attack but someone who seeks recluse in a book, a cup of coffee and head phones while commuting in public transport. I speak less because I think more and the few words that come of my mouth are intelligently spoken. No, I am not trying to be arrogant here but I am tired of people misunderstanding my silence for something else. My friends seek my opinion in a variety of matters because they know they will receive genuine advice.

We introverts conquer the world with our silence, and I take pride in being one.