Empty Nest

I have neighbors in their 70’s whose only son has migrated leaving a void, this poem is dedicated to them:


A little canary with a golden heart

Was born in some part of the world

Raised by Ma and Pa canary with love

They taught him how to fly, how to dive

In this vast world they taught him how to thrive

Then one day he flew away

Never to return back

Ma and Pa canary knew not what to do

They had tears in their eye

Sought him before they die

His heart pound each time he remembered them

Knew he not what to choose

His dreams or his emotions

He left his motherland and his mother

He left a part of his heart with them

A dreaded day he received the awful news

His Ma and Pa left for heavenly abode

His heart bled, he returned only to find nothingness

His Golden heart had turned cold

It was his turn now he saw his son leave

And realized he was old……


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