Happy Birthday Blog Baby!!!


I am a proud mommy today!! Don’t get me wrong…my Blog baby turned a month old…precisely this post should have come 2 days earlier, but work commitments stopped me from writing.

I do feel like a proud mom every time I look at my blog baby. I am experiencing sleepless nights what with the hunger pangs of my blog baby as it needs to be fed with interesting posts and checked recurrently, in case the diaper (read look and feel) needs to be changed. The stats bring me joy a parent would achieve when their baby takes the first step or blabbers the first meaningful word. Every time I see something interesting occur in the world around me, I run inside my house to catch hold of the camera to record it and proudly show to all my blog readers.

No postpartum depression here as I have no time for that. The blog baby takes up all my time spent online that I otherwise exhausted checking my friends activities on face book. Oh !! I so miss the old days ….:D . But bygones be bygones. I wish my Blog baby a bright future ahead and humbly request all its well wishers to shower their blessings upon the baby!!


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