Egyptian paintings – journey into a mysterious world


I have been dabbling my hands in the Egyptian art form and I have come across stories that both amaze me and amuse me. Here I have painted a very famous painting of Queen Nefertari and God Isis.

Queen Nefertari was the first wife of Egyptian pharaoh Ramses II and lived around 1279–1213 B.C.

The painting depicts Queen Nefertari’s journey into the life after death. The writing indicates that the place is Nefertari’s tomb and she is being led by God Isis into the hereafter, with their hands inter wined.

The painting is done on handmade paper called Papyrus. It uses fine brush strokes and bright colours to indicate the clothing. Nefertari is seen wearing a translucent dress and veil which indicates clothing of the immortal.


The second painting depicts the tree of life and a ceremony being carried under the tree.


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